General Information

At North Dallas Radiation Oncology Center (NDROC), we understand that the diagnosis of cancer can be life altering. NDROC has a professional staff that always puts the patient first. We give individualized care to our patients to make sure they never feel like a number in this difficult time of their lives.

NDROC is committed to leading the fight against cancer with the most innovative and sophisticated technologies available. Our facility uses specialized technology that enables our physician to design the best radiation treatment plans. At North Dallas Radiation Oncology Center, we enhance the effectiveness of the radiation treatments by using real time GPS tracking and customized treatment planning. These are vital tools for achieving highly effective treatments. We strive to make cancer a disease that can be overcome. Our passion is to give our patients the best care and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

North Dallas Radiation Oncology Center is proud to offer our patients these services and technologies: