ARIA/EMR – Oncology Information Systems


At the North Dallas Radiation Oncology Center (NDROC), we are proud to offer each patient a unique set of medical options, treatments and record-keeping that best suits his or her individual medical needs. At our center, we use a comprehensive information and image management system that aggregates patient data into a single, organized, oncology-specific medical chart. With each patient’s electronic medical record, we are able to effectively manage treatment for each person undergoing radiation. Automated cancer staging, pharmacy preparation and dispensing, and full clinical trials back office support simplify our oncology processes so we can focus on caring for our patients.

Our interface engine uses industry-standard communication protocols to exchange patient records with other hospital and clinical information systems—making our oncology department an integrated part of the broader healthcare ecosystem. Using this state-of-the art interface system, the NDROC is able to make informed treatment decisions for our patients by delivering information from pharmacy, laboratory, pathology, and radiology healthcare centers, along with hospital information systems to an integrated desktop.  All information in the patient’s chart is stored in this system and is accessible at workstations throughout our facility.  This saves time and ensures continuous quality control of data for each individual’s specific visit and/or treatment.