• Setting a Higher Standard in Cancer Treatment Technologies

    The North Dallas Radiation Oncology Center is a private oncology practice of dedicated physicians and nurses specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and care of all types of cancers. Our board-certified physicians and oncologists are experts in their field and have trained at some of the most prestigious medical universities in the country. Integrating advanced technology with the basic principles of medicine and modern cancer research, they have changed the lives of thousands of patients who come here for cancer treatment. Compassionate, dedicated, experienced doctors—that is the foundation of what makes the North Dallas Radiation Oncology center one of the best in the North Texas area.
  • What Our Patients Say About Us

    “Words cannot describe the level of treatment I received during my time at NDROC. The staff was patient, gentle and friendly, the technicians were highly skilled and the facility was top notch. The overall experience was simply unforgettable. This level of professionalism is something you just don’t see in the medical industry these days.”

    Anthony O., Former Patient

    “I visited the North Dallas Radiation Oncology Center for more than 6 weeks to treat my prostate cancer and for each and every visit, the care I received was outstanding and the treatment was completely on-target. I really enjoyed being there with the staff and getting to know each and every one of them. I recently just went for my follow-up visit and actually looked forward to going back so that I could see the staff. That says a lot for a cancer center. I just received total clearance and am cancer-free today.”

    John P., Former Patient

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